Global geographic regional analysis of Sales & Profit and countries with best and worst company performance

Which organizational departments are expected to reach their profitability objectives? How does the local sales split-off look like? Where are the best locations for investment, both locally and globally? Our BI solutions provide a smart “eagle’s eye” vision of local and global business activity.

When it comes down to strategic thinking, organizations aspire to view their business activity through a wide-angle lens. Geographic information systems (GIS) utilize virtual maps and visual data to provide organizations of all kinds with a “bird’s eye” view of their business. That said, quality BI tools, when implemented, translate geographic information into business insight and turn any “bird’s eye” view into a super-sharp “eagle’s eye” vision.

Heat map analysis

The inherent flexibility of QlikView’s BI system and its optimal connectivity with a wide range of geographic information systems can serve as a huge advantage for businesses, as they help turn information into visual knowledge and allow all departments to benefit from business insights.

An effective implementation of the GIS over the QlikView system will allow management to:

  • Develop key strategies based on visual information and map layouts
  • Present and plan graphic supply routes throughout Israel and the world
  • Generate advanced notices regarding geographic, climate and financial parameters
  • Analyze the relationship between sale points and their geographic locations, based on parameters such as population density, national infrastructure development, proximity to transportation and more
  • Analyze profit & loss centers via geographic deployment
  • Analyze cash flow situations within various markets – with geographical point of view
  • More per demand and requirement

Flow map analysis

Geographic information systems provide data with unique attributes, and therefore its dominance in the world of business is constantly increasing. Along with Greenhouse’s uniquely developed methodologies and management guidance, the GIS over QlikView can add multiple added value layers for your business.

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